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Excellent gut health test services: No matter your age, it’s a good idea to test your gut. Identifying even low levels of chronic inflammation can help you take steps to prevent disease later in life. And microbiome research in older adults shows that longevity has links to gut health. All Tiny Health gut tests come with a detailed report and steps to take to optimize your microbiome. Our experts recommend diet, supplement, and lifestyle changes based on your age and unique results. Select your test to get started. Tiny Health is the first gut health test for moms and babies 0-3 years. Detect gut imbalances and course correct early on. Now offering microbiome tests for the whole family! See even more info on microbiome test. Learn the best ways to support the gut – Get the tests, tools, and insights you need to improve wellness over time.

The gut microbiome and infant cognitive development – Did you know that the tiny organisms living in your baby’s gut can talk to their brain? Yep, they use something called the gut-brain axis to send messages back and forth. What foods should you introduce? Download our free ‘Eat the Rainbow’ guide. Scientists are just starting to explore how the gut microbiome could be linked to cognitive development in infants. While many studies suggest that the right balance of microbes during the first few years of life is important for brain growth, it’s important to note that these studies only show associations—not causation. Basically, research has found that certain types of microbes are linked to better cognitive outcomes in little ones, but they can’t say for sure if these microbes are the direct cause.

There are many tools and strategies to help improve your gut health. These include eating the best foods and taking supplements for gut health, or working with a gut health coach. Yet there is no one-size-fits-all approach to gut health. For example, taking a probiotic for the gut may be beneficial for some individuals. In others, it could do more harm than good. Imagine there’s already high levels of a beneficial microbe in your gut. Taking a probiotic could boost those levels to a point where they are too high, resulting in low diversity in the gut microbiome.

For some children with eczema, food may trigger symptoms. That’s why it’s important to know that a gut microbiome test won’t reveal any food allergy, sensitivity, or intolerance. Are there any metrics/parts of the report I should pay special attention to? When reviewing your child’s results, a few metrics warrant special attention: Levels of Bifidobacterium – Bifidobacterium are beneficial bacteria that produce short-chain fatty acids, influence the immune system, and keep disruptive microbes at bay. They should dominate the baby’s gut during the first months of life, especially those good at digesting breastmilk sugars, or HMOs. The absence of these key bacteria may leave space for unfriendlies to grow unchecked, disrupt the gut barrier, or promote inflammation.

Tiny Health screens for over 120,000 microbes. This includes bacteria, fungi, parasites, viruses, and archaea found in the microbiome. Each microbiome test kit includes a mess-free stool or vaginal swab with instructions. You return your kit in the pre-paid mailer, which goes to our CLIA and CAP certified lab for microbiome sequencing. In 3-4 weeks, you receive a precision report of your results. This includes personal, evidence-based suggestions to improve your gut or vaginal health. Discover extra details on